What was I thinking?

What was I thinking..

To be saving up for 2 years with full time jobs that had impossible grave yard shifts.

What was I thinking..

To be arranging two of my friends as roommates in New York City

What was I thinking..

To be moving into a city, hoping that things will go according to plan

What was I thinking..

To be financially stable on my own and assuring my parents that I don’t need their financial help

What was I thinking..

To be full time in both school and work

What was I thinking..

To be ordering from seamless every now and then but swore to cook


I did it anyway. I’m still surviving, striving, and smiling. I feel more independent and confident from each decision I made. Surround yourself with positive energy, they’ll guide you through it.

Just take it one step at a time.

One thought on “What was I thinking?”

  1. As a parent it is hard to let our children be separated from us.. their nests, the comfort, the security and the resources. However, it is also our job to teach them to live life on their own as much as it hurts, difficult and sad it would be. We do it because we love our children enough to let them go. It has been years and it’s now concluded, a time and a sense of independence is the footstool to find themselves and recreate a strong, accountable, courageous adult. Prayers played a major role in the process. I’m glad I have God and my hubby to help me go though the lonely moment smoothly.
    side note:
    Independence isn’t doing your own thing: It’s doing the right thing on your own. KJP

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