A day in the life: Beauty and the Beast


Here’s a quick summary of how our day went ❤



Thursday March 16th 2017

We attended Beauty and the Beast Opening Night Fan Event in Times Square Regal Cinema. We’ve booked this a month before and I think it’s totally worth it, we were able to select our seats in advance which is always awesome. Before heading out to the theatre, we had a quick lunch at Max Brenner with extra yummy dessert! Max Brenner is a uniquely chocolate themed restaurant — they serve flatbreads, burgers, mac & cheese, and of course their famous chocolate desserts! We ordered a veggie flatbread with chicken, then for dessert we ordered “The Excellent Eskimo I-Scream Experience”.

Mark and I couldn’t contain our excitement with this movie because Beauty and the Beast is one of our favourite Disney Movie of all time! My other favourite is Aladdin and Mark’s is Tarzan. As soon as we arrived to the movie theatre and checked in, we were given this cute glossy card indicating that we’re the 152nd and 153rd customers for this event.

As soon as the movie started, we couldn’t stop giggling or squealing in full of joy. The scene started out with Emma Watson in her iconic Belle scene singing “Belle/Little Town”. I was honestly amazed. Hermoine Granger has a singing voice! It just made everything better. Luke Evans who played as Gaston, he definitely did his character justice — the looks, attitude, and physicality. LeFou was also just hilarious. The creativity and dedication put into this project is simply amazing. They nailed everything — yes, they did change up a few details and storyline but it gave the story so much more personality. They even mentioned about Belle’s mother and the Beasts’ parents — in which to be honest, I never even thought about it. Have you?

The scene I almost cried in:

“Be our Guest” Scene — yes, I cried! They did it so beautifully. You can tell that they tried their best to do exactly how it was in the original Disney scene, but they managed to bring some more to your “plate”. I’m so glad they made a life version of this great story — it literally made one of my dreams come true. I can finally imagine how it’s like to have dancing and singing plates and cutleries  — oh the wonders 3D movies can give.

Last but not least, there was a souvenir stand before we exited the Theatre premises and of course how can we resist. We bought a few super cute T-shirts from them — there are plenty more here. (You’re welcome!)  There are not enough words to describe this incredible day and movie. If you have yet to watch it, I strongly recommend it!

Thank you for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing this. If you’d like way more updates of my life, please follow @itslittlerivy on instagram. Until then, see you on my next post!

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