New York City: Must-Go Ice Cream Places

The following is an active on-going list of what I think are worth-trying and unique experiences in New York City for Ice Cream. The most recent ice cream visit would be at the top. Let me show you my tantalising journey, scroll on!


Visited: Summer 2017

60 University Pl, New York, NY 10003 – 212.253.5599 –

There are 4 Amorino Stores in New York City, so if you live in the area – there’s no excuse for you not try these. Amorino started in Paris back in 2002 by Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi. They are known for their flower-like ice cream, a flavour per petal called Amorino Rose. Besides ice cream, they also offer hot beverages, macaroons and even have their own tea line. There was a long queue and they have an interesting system. You would need to first pay the cashier for the size and type of ice cream. Then, they will give you a receipt to give to the scoopers then you voice out which flavour you like. The flavours I had are: Hazelnut Sorbet with Organic Dei Monti Nebrodi Hazelnuts from Sicily, Banana Del Brasile, Cioccolato Amorino, Fiordilatte, and Vaniglia Bourbon Del Madagascar with a Chocolate Macaroon on top. This cost $7 plus tax. This is a great treat to your tastebuds and super Instagram worthy.


Taiyaki (Round Two)

Visited: June 2017

That’s right, I went back to try out their limited promotion Unicorn Taiyaki Ice Cream! Last I visited was back in Winter last year, and so I’m back for more yumminess! For those who loves fantastical creatures, you’ll be squealing with happiness as soon as you’ve laid your eyes and hands on this. It’s a soft serve of vanilla and strawberry with pastel coloured sprinkles, then they hand made some edible ears and horn. This cost $7-$8 plus tax as well, which is again not bad!



Tipsy Scoop

Visited: Spring 2017

217 E 26th St, New York, NY 10010 – 917.388.2862 –

As this store is located in USA, only 21 and over are allowed to experience Tipsy Scoop – they will card you while waiting in line. Yes, there is a line but who wouldn’t want to wait in line for this? They have an overwhelming and interesting selection of boozy ice cream flavours. I ordered one scoop of “Vanilla bean ice cream infused with Bourbon” and one scoop of “Ice cream infused with cake vodka, amaretto and white chocolate liqueur” on a sprinkled waffle bowl with a cherry on top. It was delicious! I’ll definitely go back to for more to try out their seasonal flavours!


Sundaes and Cones

Visited: Spring 2017

95 E 10th St, New York, NY 10003 – 212.979.9398 –

This place is a hidden gem located in Lower East Side near NYU campus. Sundaes and Cones has an extremely wide variety of ice cream flavours, it was super overwhelming! Fun fact about this ice cream parlour, they were originally located in Brooklyn back in the 90s and now have relocated to LES since 2006. Hence, their logo, the wide space, staff’s uniform, and colour theme of the store is very vintage-like. Not only do they offer ice cream, but they also offer coffee, tea, hot chocolate, milkshakes, floats, and customised cakes! For ice cream on cones, they can do up to 3 scoops for $6-$7 plus tax. (And their scoops are super generous!) I ordered vanilla ice cream on a waffle cone so you can’t really see how much they’ve put into it. I also love the fact that they have a cone plastic sleeve for zero-mess along the way. I’m definitely planning on going back to try their Asian Inspired Ice Cream Flavours like Thai Iced Tea, Black Sesame, and Lavender.



Taiyaki NYC

119 Baxter St, New York, NY 10013 – 212.966.2882 –

Visited: Winter 2016

I have been seeing multiple videos and pictures of this place on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Then several bloggers that I follow on Instagram got their hands on it too. In Winter 2016, we were walking around in China Town along Canal Street then I realised that we might as well drop by Taiyaki. It was only 3 blocks east from Canal Street Station off of the N/Q/R/W trains then make a left, it’s a small shop with a very long line – you can’t miss it!


“The most literal translation of taiyaki is fried fish! Tai (sea bream) is a type of fish often considered king among fish in Japan, and yaki can mean fried, baked, or grilled. In our case, we bake our taiyaki!” – Taiyaki


The menu was simple and straightforward, there’s a choice of either “make-your-own-taiyaki” or choose from ” Taiyaki’s Favorites”. I’ve decided to built my own with vanilla soft serve with loads of rainbow sprinkles, strawberries and strawberry syrup on a taiyaki waffle filled with custard. This cost $7 plus tax, which isn’t bad at all. It’s super Instagram worthy and was absolutely delicious, I enjoyed every bit of it.



Thank you very much for reading through! As this is an active on-going list, I am open to any ice cream suggestions that you’d like me to visit in New York City and review. Feel free to comment them down below!

New York City: Cat Cafés

It started with viral videos of cat cafés in Japan and I wondered if New York had any type of animal cafés. Well, they do have a plenty of cat cafés – and gosh I sure was excited to visit them all! Cat Cafés associates with different animal organisations to feature adoptable or foster-able cats. The following list is in an order of which I’ve visited, please note that most of the information are based off website details and personal experience.

At the end of the day, I’m encouraging for cat lovers and cafe goers to definitely visit.

Koneko Cat Café

6 Clinton Street, New York 10002 – 646.370.5699 –

We visited on July 20th, 2016. We made a reservation a few days before and paid for the tickets online – pretty convenient and straight forward. Once you enter, you get to order any drink or food and you do have the option to consume inside the Cat Sanctuary. I had an okonomiyaki which is a delicious Japanese Pancake and a Hibiscus Ice Tea. Before entering the sanctuary you are required to check in your backpack and jackets, and switch out your footwear to koneko slippers. The guests are also required to sign a waiver, making sure that you don’t harm the cats so that the cat won’t harm you. We visited on a Thursday around 12pm and we stayed in the Cat Sanctuary for about 2 hours. There were 3 levels: the main floor, outdoor, and playtime floor having about 15-19 cats. The cats “featured” are pulled from “at-risk” list by Anjellicle Cat Rescue. Koneko is the biggest cat cafe among the other cat cafes in New York City. Now they offer a 5-course tasting menu in which I haven’t tried. (Soon though!) They also do cute events such as “Kitty Brunch”, “Mewvie Nights”, “Guide Meditation”, “Drag Karaoke”, “Sake Tasting”, “Occasional events – Easter, Christmas, Halloween”, and even sometimes invite artists. The staff there are very down to earth and pleasant.


Meow Parlour

46 Hester Street, New York 10002 –

Meow Parlour is the first Cat Cafe in New York City. My friend and I visited around 6pm-onwards and it was packed. We made a reservation online to book for 30-minute stay. What I love about Meow Parlour is that they also feature “special” cats and turns out that they’re more loving and playful! Before entering this beautiful sanctuary, we had to also sign a waiver and switch out our footwear to white slippers. Meow Parlour carries about 10 cats, which are provided by Kitty Kind Organisation. This Cat Cafe has two separate stores, one for Cat Sanctuary and the other one (not too far from the other) is an actual Cafe. We stayed in the Cat Sanctuary and ordered pastries to be delivered. They have super cute merchandises displayed right at the door- can’t resist to at least get a tote bag! They also do cute events such as “Cats and Comedy Nights”, “Yoga and Kitties Class”, “Drag Bingo”, and even had Hannah Shaw a.k.a KittenLady to do a talk.


Little Lions

40 Grand Street, New York 10013 – Permanently Closed

In that one month I went on a cat cafe craze, and I was really looking forward to go to Little Lions before finally visiting Brooklyn Cat Cafe. Little Lions is the 2nd biggest cat cafe to me, it has two separate stores that’s right next to each other. The left side is the cafe itself whereas the right side is the one big cat sanctuary. Their vibe and ambience is really chill. Just like the first two cafes, we made a reservation first. When we walked in, we were directed to check in at the left store first to sign a waiver before entering the cat sanctuary store on the right. They had cute off-white vintage settings in the cafe area with some merchandises and the signature tote bag. They served coffee, tea, sandwiches, cut-out cat shaped cookies, and desserts. The Cat Cafe sanctuary had beautiful vintage decors of purple and off-white colour theme. Once you walk in, on the left hand side is a cat playground stacked shelves that goes pretty high up. By the time we went in, they’ve just had their meal so it was nap time. Nevertheless, some cats were woken up as we brought some snacks with us – they were all particularly friendly. They had about 20 cats in-store at the time. Best Friend Animal Society Organisation provides adoptable and foster-able cats as well. This organisation was fairly new so unlike other rescue organisations mentioned above, they do not have a fixed location shelter. Instead, they would do pop up events – meaning to rent out a store location for a day or so to feature cats for adoption. How do I know this? There is a representative from Best Friend Animal Society that comes in to the cafe to give customers insight of each cat in-store and what the organisation do. I, personally, had an hour worth of chatting with the representative – their knowledge of each cat was really impressive. They rescued so many cats and kittens that they become overwhelmingly loaded. Therefore, they believe in lowering adoption fees to $10, approachable and affordable. Again, how I know this? I actually attended one of the pop up event of Best Friend Animal Society just to see if they were true and to know how their procedure works.


And because of them, I adopted my first furry companion, Little Gello. ❤

Sadly, they closed suddenly 2 weeks after my visit. Super thankful I got there just in time or else I wouldn’t have met Gello.

Ok. Moving on-

Brooklyn Cat Café

149 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201 – 347.946.2286 –

Finally, Brooklyn Cat Cafe. It took me a while before I could finally get to this place just because it’s in Brooklyn. We took the 7 train to Court Square then changed to the G train, then there was about 20 minutes walk to the cafe. The layout of the store was actually very similar to Meow Parlour. We walked in, checked in and signed a waiver. The first thing you’d see when you go through is a window full of kittens! They do a live 24/7 kitten cam online so you can just look at them all day when you’re at home! (Go ahead and click it! You’re welcome!) The place was pretty busy, filled with people playing with cats. Brooklyn Cat Cafe has a mini fridge to cool bottled beverages and a mini bar for light snacks – not so much for a cafe but that’s okay. They have cute kittens, active cats, cozy sofas, and lots of cat toys. We stayed for 30-minutes because the place was getting more packed than before and I was getting hungry. So before coming here, make sure you have a full meal – these cats will tire you out.



Cat Cafes does an extraordinary job in promoting to adopt or foster cats. There’s pamphlets, info boards, business cards, and every employee has in-depth knowledge about it as well. If you are looking to adopt or foster a cat(s), please adopt don’t buy.

Thank you for reading this,

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